Iran-Israel — The people

There is a lot of talk about how Israel feels threatened by Iran, but actually we read several times a year about Israeli plans to bomb Iran.

Given the histories of both countries with aerial strikes on other countries and given the military power of Israel, people in Iran have every reason to feel threatend and fear an Israeli attack on iranian nuclear sites and the possible resulting radioactive fallout.

In this situation an Israeli artist ignores the hostile atmosphere created by politicians of both sides and reaches out to the people in Iran using Facebook, and receives overwhelming positive feedback from the people in Iran and from around the world.

Watch and enjoy:

Also consider that the people in Iran are living in a dictatorship, which strongly limits their freedom of speech. Still for every Israeli love-message there was an iranian response.

This is the reality. the reality is not what politicians make up, like what you can read in the following article by the Christian Science Monitor:


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