Baran Kosari: Awarded Iranian actress

Baran Kosari, born on October 17th 1985 in Tehran, is an award winning Iranian actress. She is the daughter of director Rakhshan Bani Etemad, and film producer Jahangir Kosari.

She graduated from Soureh academy. “The Best Papa of the World” (1991) is her first acting experiment. She had appearances in some of her mother’s films, “Nargess (1991), “Rusari-ye Abi (The Blue-Veiled)” (1994), “May Lady” (1997), “Kish Stories” (Rain and Ladsman episode – 1998), “Under the Skin of the City” (2000), “Our Times” (documentary – 2001).

In 2007 she was nominated for the best performance by an actress in Asia Pacific Screen Award for her performance in “Mainline”.

Baran Kosari also ascertained her abilities as a theater actress with playing in “Over the Mirror” (1997), with Azita Hajian directing.

Best Actress / 1st National Young Iranian Film Festival / Ablah – 2010
Best Actress / 11th Iran Cinema Celebration / Khunbazi – 2007
Best Actress / 25th Fajr International Film Festival / Iran Competition / Khoon Bazi and Ruz-e sevvom – 2007
Honorary Diploma / 25th International Fajr Film Festival / International Competition / Khoon Bazi – 2007
Best Teenage Actress / Critic’s Choice / Baran-o-Bumi, Zir-e puste shahr – 2000

Other activities
Screenwriter (Ablah – 2007)
Secretary of Scene (Gilaneh – 2004)
Festival Arbiter, 17th Teenage Film Festival (Isfahan – 2002)

Source: Wikipedia | Baran Kosari


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