Photos: Swans arrive from Siberia in Sorkhroud, northern Iran

In the recent years, during winter about 5000 swans migrate from Siberia to the wetlands of the Caspian town of Sorkhroud in northern Iran. The swans return back to Siberia after the the cold season ends. The swans bring life and beauty to the wetlands and attract many visitors. Environmental activists are also busy trying to educate the public to be a good host to their guests!


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Greetings to Cinema Day – Iranians flock to movie theaters on free admission day


Iran’s movie theaters across the country hosted thousands of filmgoers, who, once again after a lapse of several years, were offered free admission on Thursday, the day named Greetings to Cinema Day by the Iran Cinema Organization (ICO). People who had not gone to cinema for many years along with interested filmgoers waited in the long queues to watch movies from the early hours of the day

Moreover, Iranians can also watch their favorite movies in theaters free of charge on one more day, September 12, which is Iran’s National Day of Cinema.

Teheran, Iran’s symphpony orchestra, a possible revival


WASHINGTON — Alexander Rahbari fondly recalls his last stint conducting the Tehran Symphony Orchestra. It was the fall of 2005, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was on the card, and the Iranian capital’s Vahdat Hall was packed.

“I conducted Beethoven’s Ninth in Tehran for seven nights. If I said I conducted the Ninth for seven nights in New York or Austria, I would be asked if there was anyone in the audience — after two nights the hall would be empty,” Rahbari said.

“But [in Tehran] it was full — so many people came. Later some newspapers complained that, after returning to Iran after so many years, I conducted the symphony for only seven nights.”

In 2012, the funding problems that Rahbari and his successors complained about silenced the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, whose roots dating back to the 1930s made it one of the oldest in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Iran’s National Orchestra, founded by Iranian-born composer and conductor Farhad Fakhreddini in 1998, suffered similar difficulties. Fakhreddini himself resigned in 1999, and the orchestra that performed only classical Iranian music dissolved in October 2012.

The election of President Hassan Rohani in 2013 has provided a glimmer of hope for the country’s orchestra scene, however.

“I’m very sorry that the [Tehran] Symphony Orchestra and the National Orchestra have been shut down,” Rohani said in a January 8 speech to artists and cultural figures. “This government will revive them in the coming months.”

Iran’s culture minister, Ali Jannati, added to the optimism when he said at the Fajr International Music Festival last week that the government aims to strengthen music.

Argentinian volleyball coach Julio Velasco: “Iran will always be in my heart”

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Velasco, who was appointed as Iran volleyball coach in 2011, will leave the team to lead his homeland team after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner asked him to take charge of the team.

“Iranian volleyball players inspired me to do more. They have the bright futures and I have to say they still have so many things to say,” he said.

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Karun-3, a dam in Southern Iran

“The purpose of the dam is for power generation and flood control. The Karun III power generators are connected to the national power network as the peak power generation. With this power plant being operated, with the capacity of 2,280 MW,[4] and an average annual electric power generation of 4,137 GWh, a major portion of the electric power shortage in the country will be met.”

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The Iran Job – The story of an American basketball player in Iran

THE IRAN JOB was shortlisted for the German Academy Award and will therefore¬†screen at the Berlinale –¬†Feb 13 at 2pm at Zoo Palast 2

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